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Stephanie Lee Homesteader's Metalsmithing Class

If you're looking  for a little kickstart to your creativity, I do recommend taking a class with Stephanie Lee. I'm just finishing up on online class, Homesteader's Metalsmithing.  I've really enjoyed it. Sometimes in classes there is more "down time" than I would prefer even with the best of instructors. In this format, I can do what I want, when I want, which suits my personality (and limted time) quite well.  Another plus to this class was that  most of the material was brand new to me, so I feel it was time well spent, for sure.

I had heard of some of the techniques covered, but never tried them. Taking this class was one way to give myself  "permission" to purchase the supplies I need to try new techniques, and to devote precious minutes to experimentation and making things that won't necessarily end up for sale. This class has inspired me to make sure I set aside the time to engage in creative play and artistic exploration.

Here's a picture of an experimental piece I made. It was intended as a way to use my bottlecap magnets as pendants. The magnet it removable so it can be changed out to match an outfit or a mood. The concept works but the execution needs some fine tuning since it's much clunkier than I prefer. Still, it was something I would not have thought of without taking this class so I call it a win even though it's not the most elegant piece I ever made.

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