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Cozy Cowl in Progress

As the weather turns colder we all start reaching for something that will provide a little extra warmth. Neck cowls are a fantastic trend and I'm trying my hand at one that will be sure to stand out. The one on my loom right now is a sort of a woven interpretation of a Black and Tan. And if you have too many of them, things do indeed start swirling, much like the pattern. Or so I'm told.

I'm hoping to have this off the loom and up for sale by this Sunday, when I will be doing Artist Row at the Rochester Public Market. Rain or shine, I'll be there. Really, really hoping for no rain, and for temperatures at least in the 60's. If not , I'll be modeling a scarf, cowl, and wrist warmers simultaneaously!
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  1. Update: This show was somewhat less enjoyable for me than I would have preferred, mainly because of the 30 pound concrete tent weight that rolled out of my car onto my foot. Can you say, ouch? Foot has fortunately healed up nicely but is now just about a size 9 instead of an 8.5 like it used to be