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Anticipation Overdrive

No, it's not a new band name, but it does describe my frame of mind right about now! I am so excited to do the Lima Crossroads Festival tomorrow, I can barely contain myself. A lot of sweat equity (literally) has gone into the preparation of my booth and my inventory.You know all those humid days we've had here in Rochester recently? When I wasn't sweating inside my studio, I was sweating outside creating a my tent display fighting mosquitoes all the while. But it's going to look great.

I also am very excited to start an online class this Monday with phenomenal artist Stephanie Lee. I first learned of her existence in a recent issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry. That's a $15 an issue magazine. That's right, *$15*. Anyone who knows me really well knows I appreciate the value of a dollar, so the fact that I opened my wallet for it is a true testament to the caliber of projects featured in it. The March/April/May issue might have well been called "A Tribute to Stephanie Lee". Along with a piece featuring an interview and a project by her, almost every other artist in the magazine cited her as their inspiration or credited her with the technique used in their project. I decided that I had to check it out for myself, so I picked up her book Semiprecious Salvage. Then I Googled her, and found out from her blog that not only is she a true artist, gifted writer, and saavy business woman (all qualities which I greatly admire) but she was offering an online class. Took my about 2 minutes to decide I wanted to take the class.  Serendipity is a wonderful thing.

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