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Right. So here we go. As a girl I kept a diary, which at some point in high school became a much more exaulted form of a diary, commonly referred to as a "journal". In college I kept my diary on my word processor. Then life intervened and I stopped keeping a diary, journal, or any other written documentation of my life.(Ok, I posted a few entries on MySpace, but that doesn't count.) Fast forward a decade, and here I am once again, poised to once again record my life in print, and this time I'm bringing the  world along for the ride. Allons-y, mes amis.

I would like to say I have some clever plan for this blog, like weaving every sample in A Handweavers Pattern Book (aka The Green Book) within  a year, a la Julie and Julia.  Alright, yes, I admit that for a brief moment of madness and "I can do it too"-ness, I considered this option. Fortunately my eternal pessimism won out and I decided to limit myself to attainable pursuits. So what is your blog about already, Miss Beauty In The Eye? Oh sure, *now* they tell me it has to have a point, be cohesive, witty, interesting, hip, edgy, and fun. To get to the point, this blog will mostly focus on the things I love most:  beads, yarn, jewelry, weaving, fiber arts, color, and creativity. All of these components are wrapped up in my fledgling business, Beauty In The Eye. I create handwoven and loom-knitted textiles, as well as beaded jewelry. Right now I'm playing with PMC (Precious Metal Clay) which is *so* cool, and next week I'll be a student in a real honest-to-goodness jewelry making class with tools, torches, tools, and did I mention tools?  I will provide updates on my progress, ideas, sales and exhibits of my work as well as what's coming down the line next. One day, I may even have stuff on my website  Right now it's just my completely fabulous logo designed by my friend, graphic artist Kristen Taylor. The girl has skills, does she not? And I can't forget about my Etsy shop, curiously devoid of merchandise but I did update my bio and shop announcement.

For now, this is me signing off. I'm new to this so "give 'em a BRAKE" as the signs on the snow plows say.

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