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2010 Show Schedule

Talking to people who stop by my booth is a very positive and energizing experience. It's always exciting when someone makes a purchase (of course!) but the positive feedback and interesting conversations I've had with people at the shows I've done are part of what keeps me motivated to keep doing this. It's a barometer of sorts that lets me know what's working or what I need to work on.

I've decided to take a leap of faith and do some outdoor shows this year. Being naturally risk averse with a weather related comfort zone of about 70 - 73 degrees, it seemed like too much cost and trouble. But, this year I've made a commitment to doing more of what I love (making beautiful things) and expanding my business. And in NY state, that include being a vendor at outdoor shows in the summer!

I'm looking forward to the experience of doing more than 3 shows this year. It will take a lot of hard work in every spare moment of my free time to make enough stock but I think I can do it. If things don't work out as well as I hope, then I will reassess when I make my plans next year. I've got a good feeling though.

As soon as I am accepted to shows, I will post my schedule !

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  1. Jumping out of my comfort zone, too. Will be showing Don's tables and my bit/pieces at the Music & Art Fair at Bread & Water Theater on Aug. 15th.