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Tonight I'm gearing up for the Mayday! Underground Craft + Art show. This is the first "indie" type show I've done and really I'm looking forward to the experience and meeting some new people. I've been perusing the websites of the other artists  and I've seen some really cool, fun, interesting and cute things that I just know I'm going to want to take home with me.

I've also been getting back in tough with my crafty side, making some bottlecap magnets and some adorable handstitched fabric flower pins which I will have at the show tomorrow. I had so much fun making this stuff. The nearly instant gratification of being able to complete a project in less than  7 hours is semi-intoxicating for me. I hope it's well received because there's no way I can ever use 275 magnets...

I've been on a weaving hiatus. My grand plans to take a weaving course to help me past my phobia of theory never materialized, but I've not been idle. In fact I think that's a physical impossibility for me. Currently I'm taking two Beginning Jewelry classes simultaneously at the Memorial Art Gallery. Two teachers, two different approaches. That's kind of why I wanted to take two at once, because I know there's always multiple ways of accomplishing a goal and there's something to be said for looking at the same task from two different viewpoints. I feel that having two approaches really enriches the whole experience. Plus I get to practice my sawing skills twice as much.

I'm on the verge of submitting my first jewelry project for potential publication. This has been a goal of mine for about, oh, the last 15 years. I think we all have something in the back of our mind that we know we could do, really well, if we just sat down and did it. Well, I'm as close as I've ever been right now. I designed a square stitch bracelet in seed beads, actually wrote up directions and thread path diagrams, and all I have to do is get it on my computer then send it out into the world.  Honestly, just the act of submitting it for publication is going to be a huge checkmark on my life's to do list. Hopefully this is going to be an action that propels me forward. If it gets accepted, I will probably cry. No, I will *definitely* cry.

I also took an introductory class with Bronze PMC. The think I like best is that it costs about a third or possibly even a fourth of what silver PMC costs. Studio 34  located just off of University Ave. sells metal clay in silver, copper and bronze. Not to mention a selection of jewelry making tools and supplies that is second to none in the Rochester area, as far as I know. Prices are competitive, but there's a lot to be said for being able to walk in, check of the goods, and see an item close up before plunking down the cash.  Volume discounts are also available, which is a nice perk for bargain hunters like me. I recommend Studio 34 for anyone interested in jewelry making of any kind, including hot glass, metal, metal clay, and beadweaving. They also have a small knitting store withing the studio  "Dances With Wools". Possibly the best kitchy yarn store name ever created.

Coming soon: photos of my first jewelry pieces from the classes I'm taking now

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