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Time to Excel

I've fallen off my schedule of completing 1 woven item every 2 weeks. The wedding shawl is still on the loom, and will probably stay on another week. It would have been completed yesterday were it not for the intense upper back pain I was experiencing and 40 minutes of weaving aggravated it quite badly. Reluctantly I realized I could not finish it off.  I had to leave the house though, or else I would have finished it, back pain or no, and probably made a sore muscle into a muscle spasm. Today it's still sore and I haven't dared to weave, but I will try again before I sleep tonight.

One possible source for a stressed back muscle is the sawing I've been doing in my jewelry class. Two weeks ago, I completed the first project, a simple brass ring, and I couldn't wait to move on to the next. Last week  we started a sterling silver ring which will have a cabochon (flat backed, domed stone) on it.We had learned to pierce and saw out during our first class so I wanted to apply that to this ring. When one of the other students noticed I had pierced and sawed out a design in the shank of my ring rather than keeping it solid, she dubbed me "Ms. Fancy Pants". I was amused!

I have to say that this jewelry making class may have changed the course of the rest of my life. I have read about people having moments of clarity, enlightenment, or epiphany and this is as close to one of those as I have ever experienced. I talked a classmate about my struggle in deciding what to focus on. I explained that with my energy going in so many different directions, I felt that there was a limit to how "good" I could get in any  medium, and that I really wanted to do exactly that.  "Time to excel?" she said.  Past time to excel. Way past.

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